Biker struck by car in Biloxi

Today officers responded to a call involving a woman on a bike who was struck by a car in Biloxi.
The incident took place at about 3:30 p.m. on the corner of Cedar Lake and Popp’s Ferry Road. According to Biloxi police, a man driving a silver Honda Pilot was making a right hand turn from Cedar Lake onto Popp’s Ferry Road when he hit the woman.
Biloxi police reports that the bicyclist had the right of way. DUI Officer Jason Cummings said, “There’s no injuries reported. She was not transported by AMR, but this is just to let everybody know and reiterate on Thanksgiving holiday, be aware of your surroundings, there’s a lot of traffic, and especially be careful for people riding bikes and walking on the side of the roadways or crossing the intersections.”
The driver received three citations. Aside from not yielding for pedestrians, the man also received a ticket for having an expired tag and another for carrying no insurance. Biloxi police transported the woman back to her home.

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