Biggest Winner Weight Loss Challenge

The Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort partnered with Anytime Fitness in D’Iberville for five weeks to provide their staff with the chance to challenge their fitness and health with the Biggest Winner Weight Loss Challenge.

Yesterday, after lots of long and sweaty workouts, the winner of the challenge was announced.

Pushing to the limit, 20 Scarlet Pearl employees challenged their mind, body, and soul for five weeks as they competed for the Florida vacation first place prize.

Jon McDougal, the head trainer at Anytime Fitness, worked with the group three times a week. A nutritionist was also part of the team, pushing the participants towards reaching a healthier lifestyle. “We have an obstacle course in the back. I said ‘hey, we’re going to do the obstacle course in the back.’ They said ‘oh I can’t do that’ and then we did it. They always started with ‘I can’t.’ and I said ‘let’s just try’ and then we did it.”

Collectively the Scarlet Pearl staff lost about 120 pounds and turned their cannots into cans. “I’m definitely going to continue my journey. I learned the importance of setting goals. If you don’t set goals you don’t meet those goals.”

Although Julia Jones achieved a big goal by losing 17 pounds and scoring the Florida vacation, she says this is just the beginning. “My next goal is to jog a 5K, not to win it of course, but to finish it, to be able to do it.”

For Jones, achieving her next goal will be easier thanks to her work environment. “We do healthy meals each day which we publish the calorie content, the fat. We have a nutritionist on staff that works with our staff. We have gym corporate memberships.”

Donna Hight says the Scarlet Pearl will continue to offer healthy initiatives for their staff.

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