Bienville Orthopedic Specialists Breaks Ground in Gautier

After five years in the making, Bienville Orthopedic Specialists has broken ground in Gautier. City officials are hoping the new addition will help stimulate economic growth in the area.

The who’s who of Jackson County made their way to Gautier Friday to watch Bienville Orthopedic Specialists break ground on their new medical campus. The new site will be located at the intersection of Highway 57 and Interstate 10. Mary Martin, Councilwoman at Large, Gautier, says, "It will be easy access for people in the counties just north of the Coast. After the hurricane, we’ve had a fair number of people moving to those areas and those areas are growing."

The new facility will include physician clinics and offices, and will offer physical therapy, surgical, and radiology services. Mayor Gordon Gollot says it was a city wide effort to make this project happen. Gollot says, "We have so many things that people don’t believe are gonna’ happen, but you gotta’ believe, and we have done that. This city administration and the city council and the city economic leaders in this town, they see the vision of this city. They want it to move forward and this is the first step."

According to city leaders, the first phase of the project will create 40 jobs and will prompt other businesses to set up shop along Highway 57. Dr. John Drake, an orthopedic surgeon, says, "This complex is like a groundbreaking for our whole city because now everything will start coming in, it will be restaurants around here, hotels, all types of eating facility, plus there will be other businesses moving into here because now we have something to work with."

Bienville Orthopedic Specialists does not only help out their patients, but also helps their community that initially helped them expand.

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