Beware of porch pirates ahead of the holidays

The holiday season is here, a time for giving thanks and sending love to friends and family, but for many the holiday season is a golden opportunity for theft.

This year, more than ever, many are taking their shopping online to stay safe from coronavirus which means thieves can expect a plethora of packages at residents’ doorsteps.

To keep gifts safe from porch pirates this year the Gulfport Police Department has a few tips. Gulfport PIO Sgt. Jason Ducre said, “With the coronavirus going on, with everybody shopping online, packages are going to be delivered to houses more frequently. And they’re just crimes of opportunity, is what they are, and it’s our job to limit the opportunities. So if you can, have your packages delivered to your job, or a neighbor’s house, or a relative, or get a signature on delivery.”

Ducre also recommends buying a porch camera. While they won’t prevent theft, they can help police find a suspect faster.

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