Beware of Accident Prone Locations Along the Coast

More than 5 million car accidents happen in the U.S. every year, but some wrecks happen in certain places more often than others.

Over the past weekend, local law enforcement has responded to more than 20 car accidents in south Mississippi, three of which involved fatalities. Many of these accidents happened in the same place. The Mississippi Highway Patrol deems Highway 609 to be their most worked area. Corporal Benjamin Siebert of the Mississippi Highway Patrol says, "We certainly have highways that are problem areas, like this one we’re on right now. This is Highway 609, also known as Washington Ave., but it is a state highway. We work a lot of wrecks here."

Siebert says Highway 67 and Tradition are also very accident prone, and that I-10 accidents create a domino effect. Siebert also says, "One of our biggest problems is I-10 in general. We have so many times where one minor accident and we end up having several accidents after that."

In Biloxi, the intersection of Beauvoir and Highway 90 is one of the most common places to have an accident. Back in September of 2014, a woman with her bike was struck and killed. Sergeant Jackie Rhodes of the Biloxi Police Department says, "The light turns yellow and they try to beat the yellow light, but in the meantime, before they get into the intersection, the light turns green for the other guys and they end up getting in an accident.”

In Gulfport, law enforcement says Highway 49 is the most accident prone area, especially in rear end collisions. Law enforcement officials say that the biggest thing that causes these kinds of accidents is not paying attention to the road, so whether you’re eating, changing the radio station, or having a simple conversation in your car, anything keeping your eyes off the road is potentially dangerous. Sergeant Damon McDaniel, Public Information Officer for the Gulfport Police Department, says, "A lot of people aren’t paying attention to the vehicle stopped in front of them and take the assumption that the vehicle has left and entered the traffic that they’re trying to enter and they have a collision."

The Mississippi Highway Patrol asks that if you are in these areas or anytime while you’re driving, make sure to be paying attention and be aware of your surroundings.

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