Beware: Men Impersonating Police Officers in Pascagoula

Pascagoula Police Department is warning the public to be cautious of two men impersonating police officers.
The department received a report from a citizen who claims he was pulled over by two unmarked vehicles on Bayou Casotte Parkway Wednesday night. Two white males approached the citizen’s car, informing him that he was being pulled over for a traffic stop. After asking for license and registration, the two males told the citizen he was free to go.
Lieutenant Doug Adams said, “It was a dark blue Chevrolet with a blue light and an older model Caprice. Not sure about the color, just dark. They were wearing polo shirts with embroidered badges. They did display weapons but they never identified themselves as to what agency they were with or anything like that.”
Police encourage drivers who feel unsafe or uncomfortable while being pulled over to slow down and drive to a well-lit and well-populated area.
Anyone with more information on the police impersonators is asked to contact the Pascagoula Police Department or Crime Stoppers.

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