The Best Way To Help Is To Be Patient

With the catastrophic damage creating a state of emergency in Hattiesburg, Governor Phil Bryant has a special message for the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

While the widespread damage is being assessed and emergency response agencies are organizing their relief efforts, state and local officials are asking that no one self deploys to assist with the recovery. This can create complications and Bryant says that in due time, Hattiesburg will call upon their fellow Mississippians.”There are a lot of people that are still hurting and we’re trying to protect their neighborhoods for example for looting. So we wouldn’t want to mistake anyone that comes here as someone that should not be in the area. Do not come and sight see. People on the Coast know this better than anybody. The worst thing we want is people that come and just look. They get in our way and will not be allowed into the affected areas. So we will be reaching out to the Mississippi Gulf Coast very soon and I know they will be responding in kind,” said Governor Bryant.
Petal, Hattiesburg and surrounding areas are currently under dusk till dawn curfew for the protection of the storm impacted areas.

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