Bench press for breast cancer awareness

One local business is preparing to pull their weight in an effort to take the load off of those affected by breast cancer.
Southern Elite Fitness in D’Iberville is gearing up for the Penny by the Pound Breast Cancer lift-a-thon on October 28th. Lifters will be asked to find a sponsor that is willing to put up at least a penny per pound for every rep they complete.
Lifters can choose to bench press anywhere from 45 to 225 pounds for as many reps as possible. Once it’s all totaled up, the money raised will be used to promote breast cancer awareness. Aaron Williams with Southern Elite Fitness said, “It always seems to go over well with our members and when Richard talked about doing the Penny by the Pound bench off, we’re like people are gonna enjoy it and have a good time with it.”
Richard Hawthorne with Southern Elite Fitness said, “We’re just letting people know that everybody matters. Everybody’s got something going on. We don’t know exactly what, but what we can do is help who we know that has something going on and this is one of the things that we can actually do, you know?”
October 28th is also Member Appreciation Day at Southern Elite Fitness, there will be games, group classes and much more plus the gym and lift-a-thon are open to the public that day free of charge.

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