Bee Wash Fundraiser

One of the iconic monuments on the Seabee Base got a little TLC this morning. The bee on base was given a bath by some of the Seabee’s top commanders. It was all part of the Seabee’s annual Bee Wash Fundraiser.

Naval Construction Battalion Center Commander Bill Whitmire traded in his uniform for something a little more casual this morning to take part in the eighth annual Bee Wash Fundraiser. “We get people all over the base to nominate folks to have to wash the bee and whoever gets the top nominations has to dress up and go wash the bee and the crowd gets to rinse the bee down, but they end up rinsing the bee washer more than they do the bee. It’s great fun.”

Each year, the Bee Washing takes care of cleaning the mascot while also raising funds for the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. Navy Marine Corps Relief Society Director Alice Huffman said, “We’ve been around for 114 years, providing assistance and support to our sailors and Marines. It can be for personal disasters or education or for diapers and food if they run into emergencies or major car repairs or emergency travel also.”

This year, the Seabee Base in Gulfport raised more than $112,000 for the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society. “I think this year we have provided almost 250 families with support just since January, hundreds of thousands of dollars go out each year to families just here in the area,” Whitmire.

“It’s a by our own, for our own effort and so it is people donating to an organization that stands ready to help them and also they help their fellow sailors and Marines,” said Huffman.

To donate to the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society, go to

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