‘Beauty and the Beast’ characters meet and greet at the Mississippi Aquarium

The Mississippi Aquarium also hosted some distinguished guests over the weekend.

Belle and Gaston wanted to meet other people from Mississippi and thought what better place than the aquarium?

This comes as Festival South is openings its 14th season with a Broadway production of the classic tale ‘Beauty and Beast’ from May 30th through June 3rd.

Little princesses came dressed in full costume to say hi and take pictures with their favorite Disney characters.

Festival South Artistic Director Mike Lopinto says he is excited to be back doing Broadway performances. “This is our first musical back at Festival South in three years because of the pandemic. We had multiple things planned and just like everybody else, everything kind of stopped, and last year, we came back pretty much, we did a big play. But this year, we decided to go on with a fully staged musical. It’s the single largest musical we’ve ever done at Festival South.”

Festival South will be performing at the Mannoni Performing Arts Center in Hattiesburg. Head to festivalsouth.org/events for more information.

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