Beating the heat at the beach

With July 4th just around the corner, tourists and locals will be making their way down to the beach to celebrate Independence Day and cool off.

Fourth of July on the Coast means barbecues, fireworks, tourists, and this year, sweltering temperatures. Illinois native and Biloxi beach-goer Kyle Ruch is finding ways to beat the heat during his stay. “Well I mean the water helps, you know, stuff like that. Uh, other than that, you know, I’ve been kinda used to it a little bit, but the humidity is kinda, you know, taking its toll. But, just doing what we can. We’re not out here for very long, so we’re just going to kinda bite the bullet.”

With the impeding influx of people coming to the Coast for the holiday weekend, Life’s a Beach Jet Ski Rentals will continue to do what it can to slow the spread of COVID-19. Becky Southern with Life’s a Beach Rentals said, “Fourth of July coming up, we usually pretty packed then. We still keep our chairs six feet apart. If somebody is in a family and wants to push them together that is up to them, if they’re in a family, come from a family home they need two sets.”

Despite the high temperatures, Southern says people will still flock to the beach because that’s where the water and the breeze are. “And if they get hot, they just get in the water, you know. And then they can come back, get back under the umbrella. So I think they’ll still come out. Yeah, I don’t think that will have an impact on it at all.”

Based on accounts of years past, Southern predicts a long and busy day at the beach for the Fourth of July. “They get slammed early in the morning and then it’s just packed all day long. It’s just steady, you know, steady tourists coming in and in and out. But we are usually here from 9 ’til probably 7:30, 8 o’clock, sometimes 10 o’clock at night.”

Dealing with the heat isn’t hard for Ruch because at the end of the day, he’s on vacation. “Just the water and just kinda relaxing, taking it all in. You know, trying not to stress over anything. Just dealing with what I can because I know when I go back I’ll have much bigger problems. Stuff like that helps.”

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