Beach preps for Fourth of July

Harrison County is gearing up for the extended Fourth of July weekend, keeping the beach in top form for the fireworks and fun.

Crews will be out as early as 5 a.m., working all four days, Thursday through Sunday, picking up litter. They will also monitor the recent algae concerns to see if that plays a role into the holiday festivities.

With this extended holiday weekend, Harrison County Sand Beach Director Chuck Loftis explains how our beaches are the ‘front doors’ to tourists and there’s nothing like a good first impression. “We want to make the best impression we possibly can. So, if people do come to the beach, we want it to look nice. So, if you do and if you have trash, please put it in the receptacle. Do not bring glass containers. We don’t need glass on the beach because they will break. We don’t need that. Other than that, just come and have a great time.”

Roughly around 25,000 people went to the beach in Harrison County last year for the Fourth.

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