Beach cleanup after Barry

Sand Beach Authority was up bright and early to clear the beaches from what was left behind after Barry.

They started the cleanup process at Henderson Point in Pass Christian and once they are done there they will work their way through to the east end of the county.

Most of the debris was left behind from the high water mark, but some of what was left behind is due to the heavy winds we saw this weekend.

Sand Beach Authority says they were prepared for the waters to reach the sea wall and some places possibly over that point so this cleanup is a bit of a relief. Chuck Loftis with Sand Beach Authority said, “We have a lot of locals and tourists that come to the beach even though we are still under that water advisory from the DEQ. The beaches are still open in Harrison County and so we are trying to do everything that we can to get the beaches back up to where they were before the storm came in.”

The complete cleanup could take up to two weeks. Sand Beach Authority also asks for you to be cautious if you visit the beach while these crews are working.

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