Beach Advisory

A water advisory puts a damper on the day for Janet Hong, who was hoping to dip her feet in the water. A line break at a waste pump station has closed the two block stretch of beach between Iberville and Travia until further notice.
"It definitely grosses me out! I’m from the west coast so I’m used to like blue lakes. Freshwater lakes and stuff, so this is a little bit different,” said Hong.
But why are the pump stations so close to the water?
"For them to do their job effectively, and that is to pump wastewater to the wastewater treatment facility, they have to be at the lowest point so therefore you see a number of them that are along the water front in Biloxi. That makes sure that we are keeping our city and our environment very clean,” said Public Affairs Manager Vincent Creel.
Despite today’s inconvenience, Janet Hong says it won’t stop her from coming back.
"Once there is an official notification that everything has been taken care of, I would love to come back here because the beach is pretty, but until then, probably not so much."

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