BBQ Fundraiser for Harrison County K-9 Unit

Man’s best friend needs your help. Coldwell Banker Alfonso Realty is hosting a BBQ fundraiser to raise money for the Harrison County K-9 Unit.

If it’s not crime these K-9s are sniffing out, it’s definitely the smell of bbq. Coldwell Banker Alfonso Realty started their ‘Homes for Dogs Project,’ helping adoptable dogs find loving homes. Now, Coldwell Banker Commercial Manager Carrie Cole hit the ‘paws’ button and decided to take it a step further, raising money to buy Kevlar vests for the Harrison County K-9s. “I branched it out because I wanted to do for the dogs that protect our homes. So for me, I’ve thought about doing it myself for a while now anyway and why do anything small scale. Let’s go large scale and get them all covered.”

Cole says they’ll be selling $35 tickets to purchase a Boston butt now until Friday. All proceeds from the fundraiser will go toward the $5,000 needed to protect the four K-9s currently working in Harrison County. One such K-9 is D’Ablo, a ten-year-old German Shepard, who K-9 Deputy Brandon Taylor says actually found escaped murdered Pretty Boy Floyd this summer after two days on the run. “He is the absolute best dog in my opinion that we have. He’s very well rounded. He does narcotics and building searches and area searches and tracking and just all around best friend to me.”

The K-9’s go through training once a week and they learn how to sniff out narcotics. Deputy Taylor says the Kevlar vests will help give them peace of mind while they’re on the job. “There are times when we may not have direct contact or visual contact and in those situations anything can happen. We are there in a heartbeat, but in that moment we don’t ultimately want anything to happen to our dogs. They’re our best friends. They’re our partners.”

If you are interested in helping out these K-9s contact Carrie Cole at

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