Bayou View Elementary Receives New Exercise Equipment

Bayou View Elementary School welcome brand new exercise equipment thanks to the Project Fit America Program and the Mississippi Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Four Gulfport schools received this grant, adding to the total of 208 schools in Mississippi and more than $5.5 million in grant funding.
Push-ups, rope climbing and hula-hooping are taking over Bayou View Elementary in Gulfport thanks to the Project Fit America and a grant the school received through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation. “We want to support them on their journey of making sure kids have the opportunity and resources they need to be fit. So, it’s exciting for me to be here today. It’s going to be exciting for me to follow them through their two year grant period and beyond that as just being the health and fitness coordinator and support for the schools across Mississippi,” said Ugenia King, with Blue Cross and Blue Shield.
With Mississippi still topping the list nationally when it comes to childhood obesity, it’s not all fun and games. Blue Cross and Blue Shield is shelling out a total of $5.5 million in grant money to our state, in hopes that funding equipment like this will lead them to healthier lifestyles.
So far, it looks like a good investment. “They just can’t wait to jump in and be able to actually start competing and just becoming more involved with it, so yeah. They love it. They ask to do this every day,” said Wendy Muths, P.E. teacher.
“There are seven stations to the outdoor equipment and the indoor equipment includes cardio cups as well as the weighted hula hoops and really, really exciting games and activities to get kids motivated and up and running and active,” said King.
P.E. Teachers at Bayou View say this will benefit the students not only with exercise but also with personal health habits. “It gives us a great opportunity to transition into choices for activities after school, I mean simple things they can do and food choices. So, we’re trying to do the whole program,” said Lisa Wolverton, P.E. teacher.
The other Gulfport schools that received new equipment include 28th Street Elementary, West Elementary, and Central Elementary.

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