Bay St. Louis PD receives new car decals and uniforms

Bay St. Louis Police Department is not only getting a new building, but also have upgraded to new car decals and uniforms.

All police officers have already received their new uniforms, which are more comfortable and made up of new material. The uniforms also allow the officers to easily pull their vests over their uniforms, causing their body camera to strap on the vest or, if preferred, on their new shirts.

The department also received three Dodge Durangos with new car decals that have the colors of the patriotic flag and the thin blue line representing law enforcement.

Two more Durangos are on backorder. The vehicle will be extremely useful since the city tends to flood a lot. Bay St. Louis Police Chief Toby Schwartz said, “A lot of exciting positive changes going on with the Bay St. Louis Police Department, between the vehicles and uniforms. We’re requiring very qualified, certified police officers coming to us. We’re still hiring. We’re still actively recruiting, but those positions are filling up very fast.”

The new decals will also be applied to the department’s current police cars.

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