Thanksgiving meal

Volunteers in Bay St. Louis got together to share the Thanksgiving festivities by giving out free meals to anyone in the community.

The luncheon took place at the Bay St. Louis community hall and served about 600 meals to people along the coast. The meals included turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, corn, salad and a variety of desserts. Residents could either come in to eat, pick up a meal or even have meals delivered to them. This was the 36th time this luncheon was held but the first time at the new venue.

Event organizer Julie Massengill said, “It’s really important to be a service to others, you know to serve your community and serve God, so it’s really important. I have eight children, and I try to teach them all service to God and to the community and service to your fellow man. So that’s what I really taught them and really as my children and myself are part of the family now that does it because my other family is all moved on.”

Guests were also able to participate in raffles that were pulled every half an hour for prizes including snacks, mugs and accessories.