Battle at the Beach’s economic impact on the Coast

It’s time to battle at the beach which means hundreds of high school baseball players are spending the week here on the Coast.

This week high school baseball teams from all over are right here on the Coast for the third annual Battle at the Beach Tournament like Jimmy Bailey and his family from the Jackson area. “So, we are staying at a local hotel. We book it for the whole team and their family including siblings so we brought around 90 plus people down here this year just from our team.”

With all of the baseball teams spending the week on the Coast, it has been a grand slam for local businesses. Tailgaters Bartender Amy Bandy said, “Oh my goodness, it has definitely been something else. I guess Friday, it started Saturday, it really hit us. We had like 25 people come in at one time. I think we had volleyball and soccer and then we had some baseball and some softball girls come in. It has been pretty intense and tonight we are supposed to be really busy come 5 o’clock.”

Biloxi Head Coach Eddie Lofton really hit a home run when he brought in over 58 teams for the Battle at the Beach Tournament. “It’s a huge event, probably I would venture to say, that it is the biggest high school tournament that Mississippi has ever had.”

Lofton hopes to keep expanding the tournament and include more local businesses. “We are going to send out a little questionnaire after the tournament is over to all of the different coaches just to see where they stayed and how many hotel rooms they got and the money they spent on their entertainment and their rooms and stuff.”

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