Battle of the Beach: Biloxi vs. St. George’s

This week, 47 high school baseball teams from five different states are descending upon the Gulf Coast for six days devoted entirely to the diamond. The second year event is the brain child of Biloxi Head Coach Eddie Lofton whose team led things off with a bang on day one.
Indians hosted St. George’s out of Memphis, Tennessee, one of four teams from that area playing its first game of the season.
Biloxi wins 11-8.
Biloxi Pitcher Heath Schmidt said, “Our team starts making a comeback and the first-ever home run just so happened to be a walk-off grand slam. It’s pretty awesome.”
“That’s a lot of what makes this game so special. You can be down in the dumps. Fifteen minutes before that, I mean we’re singing the blues. Again, I go back to him pitching. He had not done the best, he’s a big reliever for us and he has not done his best on the mound, and to come out in that situation and leave the yard with a walk-off grand slam it’s got to feel good for him and all the guys,” said Coach Lofton.
Overall, there’s upwards of 80 games being played between today and Saturday. Biloxi’s next match-up coming at home against Ridgeland at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow.

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