Battle at the Beach: Biloxi vs. Nettleton

Biloxi hosting Nettleton as part of the fifth annual Battle at the Beach. Indians one of nine different host teams over nine days of baseball.

The Indians find a way to plate a run and that’s all they would need to make that home field advantage a true advantage. Biloxi wins 1-0.

Biloxi Head Coach Eddie Lofton said “Well, just to be here right now, just the biggest thing is just to be here playing on the field again out here with the players, doing the thing that we all love to do in front of the fans, in front of the community, just trying to get back to some kind of normalcy from what we’ve been through over basically the past year now. We’re a week and a day away from Saturday a year ago was our final day to get to play and to be able to get back out here on the field with the guys, it just – it means a lot.”

Overall, Battle at the Beach features 43 schools and 86 games.

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