Baton Rouge man wants to help animal shelters after losing his dog in carjacking

A Baton Rouge man who tragically lost his dog in a carjacking, is looking to make a change for all rescue animals.
News 25’s Taylor Rubach sat down with David Mohr as he tells us about his calling from his best friend, and created The Roleaux Foundation.

“Very innocent, very powerful dog.”

These are the words David Mohr uses to describe his best friend Roleaux, a five year old Weimaraner-lab mix, who tragically passed away in July of this year.

“I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it. Felt like a bad dream,” says Mohr.

Roleaux died after a woman stole his truck in Baton Rouge with Roleaux inside. Mohr tried to rescue his pet but was run over by the woman driving, breaking his pelvis in the process. After being trapped in the truck for hours on the hot summer day, Mohr says his dog died from heat exhaustion.

“As a pet owner I talked to Roleaux and two weeks prior to this accident, I was having a conversation with Roleaux about how much fun we’ve had in the last five years. And how much more fun we were going to have in the next five or ten years and realized how much more time we had together. But, unfortunately that time didn’t come through. And that’s why I decided I had to do something and created the Roleaux Foundation, keep his spirit alive,” explains Mohr.

In honor of Roleaux, Mohr created the foundation to lend a helping hand to Louisiana animal shelters.

“The Roleaux Foundation supports area animal shelters with the supplies, equipment, and tools they need to be more successful. And when I was in the hospital, for about 20 days, we collected an excess of 20 thousand dollars,” says Mohr.

Since spreading the word through social media, the Roleaux Foundation has raised close to 32 thousand dollars. Now Mohr wants the foundation to spread nationwide.

“I want to spread the word. It would be great for every state to have a chapter of the Roleaux Foundation because I think these things are needed. The awareness. Adopt don’t shop. Rescue dogs are the best. We did everything together. Dog obedience, dog parks, the beach. We were hoping to do a couple more beach trips because he loved the beach,” says Mohr.

I think he’d be so happy.
I hope so. I really hope so.

If you’d like to help out and donate to the Roleaux Foundation, you can visit the website at
You can also share David’s story on Facebook, and help the foundation bring awareness nationwide.

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