Baseball Fans Visit Mobile to Watch Future Team Play

Friday night, dozens of local baseball fans made the trip to Mobile, Alabama to watch the baseball team that will play in Biloxi next year. The Huntsville Stars will relocate to Biloxi next year.

Some fans who made the trip from the Coast to cheer on their future local team. Gulf Coast residents rolled up in style to cheer on the Huntsville Stars, the future of Biloxi baseball. Tina Ross-Seamus, Executive Director of the Biloxi Chamber of Commerce, says, “We’re just trying to get our community on the Mississippi Gulf Coast excited about baseball in Biloxi. Just over here to show our Biloxi pride.”

Gulf Coast native, John Neblett, tells News 25 minor league baseball is the best of any sport he’s seen because of fan involvement. Neblett says, “The fans are just so much a part of what’s going on. You get to know the players. When you holler at them for something they did good, they can hear you. When you holler at them for something they did bad, they can hear you, and the umps can hear you all the time.”

Neblett also says having a home team to stand behind is something that really brings a community together. Neblett also says, “It’s going to bring a whole unity of fans throughout the community that really care about what’s going on. It’s going to be a unifying thing for the entire Coast community, not just Biloxi, but the entire Coast community.”

Not only are Biloxi fans ready to have a home team they can cheer for, they are also ready for the economic development that a new baseball team will bring. Arlene Canaan, a Biloxi resident, says, “Hopefully it’s going to bring a lot of new business downtown, revive our downtown area, and get a lot more people involved in downtown and that’s what we’re hoping.”

Economic development aside, the team expects to draw tourism as well, attracting a different kind of crowd to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Neblett also says, “We can bring in fans from other teams in our league. They will come down here to make a weekend out of it or whatever to see their team lose to our team and give their money to our casinos. It’s going to be great.”

Until baseball in Biloxi becomes a reality in 2015, they will continue to stand behind the Huntsville Stars. The Huntsville Stars will be playing for the next four consecutive nights in Mobile.

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