Bald Eagle Rescued in Hancock County

Around noon Sunday, Wild at Heart Rescue received calls about an injured bald eagle in Waveland. Residents reportedly saw the eagle touch down on a power line and collapse, falling to the ground below.
Doug Pojeky with Wild at Heart Rescue says that when he arrived the eagle was still grounded and appeared to be in distress. Upon moving closer, he discovered scorch marks on the bird’s feet, an indication of electric shock.
This eagle’s markings suggest that it’s around four-years-old and nearly mature enough to begin mating. “Every case is different. We’ve had electrocuted birds of prey before. We’ve had some recover. We’ve had some not make it. This bird being as young as it is, hopefully it will have the strength to be able to push through, but we’re not gonna be able to tell the extent of the damage until it really gets out of shock. I’m confident that with the strength that this bird has, I’m pretty confident in its recovery, but with wildlife rehabilitation you really never know,” said Pojeky.
Pojeky tells News 25 that Wild at Heart Rescue will be releasing another rehabilitated bald eagle back into the wild this week.

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