Bad batch of oxycodone sold on streets in Gulfport

Today Gulfport police held a press conference to raise awareness about a batch of blue pills circulating South Mississippi that could be fatal.

Over the course of the past few weeks, Gulfport narcotic detectives have seized multiple blue pills marked with an A215 which indicates that the pills are oxycodone. When the pills were analyzed at the DEA laboratory, the pills were found to contain fentanyl with no oxycodone present.

Individuals illegally purchasing tablets believed to be oxycodone might actually be receiving a fatal fentanyl dose. Assistant Special Agent in Charge Derryle Smith said, “They’ll buy the dyes to make them look like legitimate pills. When they do that, they’re not trained, they don’t know how, they’re not a pharmacist. They’re not the ones who make it. They’re not the manufactures and they put unknown amounts of a deadly drug, fentanyl, in it. So, when you’re taking this, you may think it’s a legitimate drug, but it’s not, it can kill you.”

Smith says fentanyl is deadly at the microgram level and is a hundred times more potent than morphine. He says unless your name is on the oxycodone prescription you should not take the drug.

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