Bacot McCarty Foundation helping local nonprofits during the COVID-19 pandemic

Many businesses and organizations have taken this time to give back to the community and one of the Coast’s most notable foundations is doing just that with an emphasis on helping those who help others in the community.

They’re known for such charitable events such as the Jolly Golf Tournament and Jolly Gala, but in this time of need, the Bacot McCarty Foundation has made another commitment to those needing the most help on the Coast. Bacot McCarty Foundation Executive Director Todd Trenchard said, “First you assess the problem and then you look at what the needs are and then you figure out a way, how to meet those needs, and that’s what we’re doing.”

Foundation Director Todd Trenchard spent most of his day visiting various nonprofits and presenting them with checks totaling over $60,000 to help out with operating costs during this time.

For the Mississippi Gulf Coast YMCA, that money will go toward maintaining the daycare service they’ve started for the kids of first responders. MS Gulf Coast YMCA CEO Rob Kirkland said, “We have a lot of families of emergency responders who need their child to be watched, so that’s a service we’re providing. And a lot of them, that’s not their norm, they have other options and this is new, a new situation for them, and so being able to access these dollars to help them with the financial aid is going to be critical.”

And it is children and families that stand to benefit the most from these donations.

Community Care Network assists children and mothers in transitional situations, and with the extra demand of caring for kids out of school and parents still having to go to work, they say it’s nice to know someone is thinking about them in this time of stress. Community Care Network Associate Director Allyson Brewer said, “There’s not always that those people coming out to offer us the assistance, which is why, you know, Bacot McCarty stepping forward is to help us is huge.”

Bacot McCarty has more future phases of giving planned with the goal of dispersing $100,000 in total to more community causes, including the reboot of the Restore Jackson County Fund to collect donations.

Trenchard hopes these actions inspire others to give during this time. “Well I think we all have a responsibility for our community, and I’ve always been a proponent of just give somewhere, we all have something we can give, even if it’s just pick up your cell phone and text somebody, encourage them that day, that can be a great morale booster.”

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