Backlash after West Wortham student suspended for wearing oversized hoodie

A fifth grader received in-school suspension at West Wortham over her outfit which was an oversized hoodie and leggings.

Eleven-year-old Shiloh Fore and several other girls were put in suspension over their outfits, igniting backlash online.

Shiloh’s mother, Ashton Fore, said she was completely unaware of the punishment or of her daughter’s clothing violation.

The Harrison County District’s policy says leggings can only be worn with tops that extend beyond the fingertips.

Shiloh tells News 25 that she did not feel like she deserved to be put into ISS and that what she was wearing was perfectly fine. “I was walking in to school, and I was getting out of the car line and once I stepped in, I walked a little farther and they pulled me in a room and they told me that I was dress code and I had to pull up my hoodie to see the shirt underneath and put my hands by my side but the backpack was pulling up my hoodie so it looked shorter than it actually was.”

News 25 reached out to the Harrison County School District for a comment, but have yet to receive one.

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