Back to School Jamboree

The ‘Extend a Hand, Help a Friend’ organization is giving back to those in need.

It was a packed house for the ‘Back to School Jamboree’ at Gulfport Central Middle School today. This event aimed to set students up for success for the upcoming school year.

Students listened to speakers and had a chance to get new school supplies. They also had a haircutting station set up so kids could go back to school with a brand new look.

Topics discussed at the jamboree included success in the classroom, parental engagement, technology, and social media awareness. ‘Extend a Hand, Help a Friend’ Founder Jeffrey Hulum said, “As the kids grow, they pay attention when they are little to see who promotes growth and speaks life into them. So, the most important thing is to get the people in the community that they will encounter in church and in school, out playing, to be the ones to tell them and show them that they care by their actions and not just by their words.”

If you would like to get involved with the ‘Extend a Hand, Help a Friend’ organization you can go to their Facebook page for more information.

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