Back-to-School Giveaway Jamboree

Nothing says back to school like a new book bag.

This evening more than 400 kids from the Gulf Coast drove away with a new backpack at the third annual Back to School Giveaway Jamboree at Gulfport Central Middle School.

This year’s event was drive-through only due to COVID-19, saving families a total of about $5,000 on school supplies.

Global pandemic or not, this first come, first serve giveaway always serves as a fresh start for the year ahead.  ‘Extend a Hand, Help a Friend’ CEO Jeffrey Hulum III said, “In these communities below I-10 where the finances are very tight, you’ve got to understand – do people deal with feeding their family, putting lights on or going back to school? Whether it be virtual or traditional, kids have got to go back to school so all they want to do is make sure kids start off in the right direction. No matter what they’re going through at home, they can start their educational walk on the right foot. It takes the stigma away from the ones who have and does not have because everybody looks similar. Everybody is coming in with a fresh start with a fresh set of tools for their educational walk.”

There’s another book bag drive at Isiah Fredericks Head Start Center in Gulfport on August 4th and 5th.

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