Baby shower for military moms

Today in Gulfport, around one hundred new military moms and their little ones were honored in a pretty big way.

Best-selling author of ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ Heidi Murkoff was in Gulfport on Tuesday for a massive baby shower for local military moms. Murkoff spent the day socializing with the moms and their babies and also offered some advice. “It’s hard enough to be pregnant under the best of circumstances and when you take that experience and you move away from family and friends and your network of support than it is exponentially harder, more challenging.”

For many of the moms, this event was a way to connect with others in their situation and bond over their experiences. Military mom Katie Doyle said, “When you are moving all of the time in the military, you’re not able to be with family and get together when you have big moments like this. It’s really nice to share these moments with other women who know what you are going through and just have the fellowship.”

For military mom Eboni Gay this event did just that, it brought her closer with a fellow military mom who she found she had quite a bit in common with. “I just made a friend. She is over there and our sons have the same name. It is so cool. Her name is Whitney, my name is Eboni, and both of our son’s names are Oliver.”

Along with the friendships, the moms also got gift bags that contained lots of goodies for their babies including Target gift cards. “I feel like if anyone deserves not only a celebration, but a huge it is these military moms. They are literally serving for two.”

And for all the new moms out there, military or not, Murkoff says enjoy your time with your little ones because it goes by quick. “Stop and smell the babies; that’s what I always say. They don’t smell this fresh forever and sweet. If you blink you are going to miss the whole thing. So, really try to savor the experience.”

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