Avoiding the Flood in D’Iberville

With our rivers at capacity in Harrison County, many people decided to take action before the water found its way into their yards.
In D’Iberville near the Wells Ferry Landing area on Highway 15, travelers might be surprised to see cars, boats, golf carts, and trailers lining the roadside. This is common as residents from the low-lying areas will use the shoulder of the highway as high ground during flooding.
Most aren’t concerned with their houses which are stilted well above the projected crest of the flood water. Wells Ferry Landing resident Tom Baier said, “The rain stops, we’ll be okay here. When it goes down you just have to clean up. It’s been, I think about over the top of the light there, it’s been about four or five feet higher here in the past once or twice.”
If you’ll be traveling on Highway 15 during these hazardous road conditions be sure to exercise caution and mind the vehicles on the roadside.

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