Autocross at Cruisin’ the Coast

Over in Biloxi, tires were screeching as Cruisers brought out their cars to the autocross track at the Coast Coliseum.

Seeing all the cars for Cruisin’ the Coast is one thing, but experiencing the power first hand is another. If you have a car that you’ve wanted to test out on a track, you have a chance to do that at Autocross, an event at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi. Autocross co-owner Brian Finch said, “It’s a great way for people to get out and enjoy their rides. They’ve got these awesome machines and you don’t want to sit around and watch the paint shine, you want to get out and use it. That’s what this event is about. It’s about driving them, having fun with them. This is a safe, fun place to come out and do it.”

The four days that Autocross goes on, hundreds of car enthusiasts will bring their cars out to the track to test and see exactly what they’re made of, but even if you’re a spectator you have the chance to get in the passenger seat and get the full experience of Autocross.

The thrill of quick turns and hitting around 50 MPH in just seconds brings people from out of state, like Chuck Stafford, who came from Louisiana to see what Cruisin’ the Coast is all about. “Road fun was great. We saw about 10 gazillion cars from when I was a kid. My buddy said ‘well, let’s go over here and watch them run’ and then we found out we could ride with them. Wow.”

Some advice from those who were brave enough to hop in the passenger seat: “just get in, buckle up, and hold on.”

The event will take place through Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Coast Coliseum in the west parking lot. Only vehicles registered with Cruisin’ the Coast will be allowed to participate. If you want to ride along just show up and sign the waiver.

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