Author and professor brings Power of Hope training to Mississippi family courts

Today was the final day of the ‘Power of Hope’ training in Gulfport. Hope is spreading across the state and Governor Tate Reeves will be announcing 2022 as the Year of Hope.

Giving hope to a child can stick with them for a lifetime. Over the last three days, Dr. Chan Hellman, author and professor at the University of Oklahoma, has been teaching his hope theory to family court teams throughout Mississippi. “Mississippi is really leading the way in the family court system in the United States through this Hope Science.”

Dr. Hellman’s 15 years of research focuses on the understanding of hope and its ability to be one of the highest predictors of a family’s ability to thrive.

The three-day training teaches family court teams, judges, attorneys, and child protective services new strategies to help Mississippi towards a hope centered family court system. Mississippi Supreme Court Judge Dawn Beam said, “We know that we need to bring resources so that people can improve their lives and their lives can be changed.”

Recent training and resources have been working. The state of Mississippi celebrates a 40 percent reduction of foster care and it is youth court trainings just like this one that has helped get them there.

Over 1,200 people registered for the ‘Power of Hope Court Training.’ Without hope, families give up and lose their case to the court system. 10th District Chancery Court Judge Rhea Sheldon said, “In Mississippi we do hope, this is what we do. The people of Mississippi are capable of doing this every in organization, every state agency can come together and instill hope in the families of Mississippi.”

And now, hope is spreading. Administrator of the Courts Christopher Freeze said, “We hope to take this to our faith communities, our education communities, to our nonprofits and businesses.”

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