Attorney demands return of seized animals after Saucier couple charged with animal cruelty

The attorney for a Saucier couple arrested last week on five counts each of simple animal cruelty is asking for answers and demanding at least 13 of the more than 100 animals seized be returned to their home.

Harrison County Sheriff Troy Peterson announced the arrest of the couple, a military veteran and a retired CNA nurse, on May 20th after animal control officers found several species of animals living in “deplorable conditions” at their home.

On May 22nd, Attorney Michael Crosby filed a motion on their behalf, claiming these animals were very much loved and cared for, all were seen by vets and up to date on shots, and many actually slept in bed with them.

Crosby tells News 25 all of these animals were rescued from dire situations and brought to their home to be taken care of out of the kindness of their hearts to ultimately find their forever homes. “They’re so traumatized and depressed and crying. She could not stop crying. They’re worried that these animals are gonna think they did something wrong. They’re there in the bed living, and getting all the love and attention and then all a sudden the animals are taken and thrown into an animal shelter. I am concerned about all the comments made on social media, the very derogatory, ugly comments being made. The problem is these people are probably very well intended in their comments, but they are misinformed. They have been misled, and they’re actually hurting the people who should be praised.”

Crosby tells News 25 there has been no evidence or information given to him thus far to prove these animals lived in deplorable conditions and pictures have not yet been released to him.

A hearing on their case is set for Friday, June 5th.

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