AT&T Call Center Reflects on Hurricane Katrina

Communication can mean the difference between life and death during any disaster, as we all learned from Katrina nearly 10 years ago.
Today, some South Mississippians gathered at an event held by AT&T in Ocean Springs to reflect and review the important lessons learned in the wake of the devastating Category 5 storm.
It’s been almost 10 years since Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on the Coast, but the memory is still fresh in the minds of those at today’s meeting. AT&T employee Karla Coumanis was among the first to make it to the Ocean Springs call center right after the storm. “When I arrived, as I drove up HWY 90, I looked and our entire parking lot was already filled with 18 wheelers with generators and our emergency response team from AT&T.”
Today’s event not only focused on the destruction the storm left behind, but also on lessons learned such as how companies can be even better prepared in the future. President and CEO of AT&T Mobility Glenn Lurie said, “AT&T is mobilized and ready, we spent millions of dollars on resources, on generators, on trucks and we can mobilize very, very quickly.”
And during any disaster, communication is key.
The Hurricane Katrina memorial event took employees through a range of emotions reliving the devastating day and those that followed, but those at today’s meeting reflected on the work they did accomplish 10 years ago and what they’ve done since to improve communications. “We feel it’s important to tell our story and to have our leadership acknowledge and recognize these employees what they went through and most importantly their absolute commitment to pay it forward,” said Coumanis.

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