Assessing Cristobal’s impact in Waveland

The City of Waveland is still assessing storm damage following Cristobal’s impacts on the area.

The waters have mostly receded along Beach Boulevard in Waveland, making way for curious sightseers and allowing officials to get a sense of cleanup operations and preparing for possible future storms. Waveland Mayor Mike Smith said, “It’s been a good trial event, but I still think the eight-foot storm surge was a little much for this storm.”

Mayor Smith believes the city fared relatively well during Cristobal, but pockets of street flooding still remain. “The people who live in the Shoreline Park area are still underwater, the streets.”

Residents out and about checking the damage were surprised to see the condition of some piers and areas along the beach. Waveland resident Richard Breland said, “We had more damage from this than especially a lot of the piers are damaged going down that wasn’t in the last couple of storms.”

As the city and county compile damage reports and estimates, leaders urge people to report their damage to the Hancock County Emergency Management Agency. Mayor Smith said, “You need to self-report. I can’t say that enough. Self-report because there’s a threshold that the state has to come to before public assistance is a factor.”

With one storm down, Mayor Smith hopes residents stay positive during this storm season. “I would encourage people to keep you head up. Waveland’s doing well.”

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