Art’s alive … and well in Hancock County. More colorful than ever these thirteen plus years since Hurricane Katrina. News 25’s Toni Miles takes us to the art scene in Hancock County where artists, performers and businesses are priming their palates for an expanded annual arts festival.

Ann Madden is passionate about photography. She and her silversmith partner have turned their passion into a business, Smith and Lens Gallery.
Perched here on Second Street in Bay St. Louis.
Ann Madden, Smith and Lens Gallery Owner says, ” We really wanted to stay in our backyard so we scrambled and opened it up as this art gallery. We knew that we always wanted to have a place to have our work, but we also wanted to feature other artists. There’s no shortage of incredible artists here on the coast.”
For local artists Bryan and Bunny Cunningham, the creative juices are already flowing, as they prepare to showcase their artwork in Hancock County’s annual Arts Alive Festival.
Artist, Bunny Cunningham says, ” There’s so much art on the coast. I think people don’t realize what we have to offer here. I think as an artist it’s inspiring to come to these fairs and come to these fairs where you wouldn’t think it’s a place where it would be an active art scene, but it’s alive and well here.”
In the spirit of the Mocking Bird café here in Bay St. Louis, Arts Alive will bring dozen of artists, makers and performers’ work to the forefront.
Ann Madden, Smith and Lens Gallery Owner says,” We’re excited about that. It’s a lot of work, and it’s great for people to have more exposure, double the exposure. We’re hoping for a bigger crowd than ever, bigger than ever. There’s a lot of action and activity for all ages. Anything you can think of arts related will be here.”
Artists, musicians, and belly dancers, just to name a few, along with a maker’s station. A little something for everyone, nestled right here along the intersection of Second and Main Streets in Bay St. Louis March 23rd and 24th.
In Bay St. Louis, Toni Miles, News 25.

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