An Artistic Frenzy: Almost Circle Gallery

Some noted artists stayed indoors most of the day, armed with pencils, glue, paint brushes and other art tools turning blank palettes into works of art.
While each person worked on his or her own creation, all of these gifted artists will have their work displayed in an upcoming exhibit at the Almost Circle Gallery in downtown Biloxi.
The gallery, located on Rue Magnolia, opened about a month ago, but they and these artists have hit the ground running.
The drawing frenzy, appropriately named “Mark Makers Making Marks,” drew in artists from throughout the region using all different types of media.
Julia Reyes with Almost Circle Art Gallery said, “We have one artist who is doing monotypes. She was using a lizard as her inspiration. She has some prints in there. Another artist has more of an interactive thing. If you keep a look out there’s sort of hidden drawings around the space.”
The art work will be part of a new second exhibit put on the by the Almost Circle Gallery on Saturday. It starts at 5 p.m. The public is invited to attend.

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