Armistice Day Ceremony

On November 11th, we remember veterans from all branches and from all times, but November 11th also marks another important day in military history.

Members of the Naval Construction Battalion in Gulfport did not let the day go unnoticed.

Bells tolled 21 times Tuesday morning at the Naval Construction Battalion Center in Gulfport to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, also known as Armistice Day. NCBC commanding officer Captain Bill Whitmire says the ringing of the bells is a simple, but somber way to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice. “We committed over two million soldiers to that war. The numbers of deaths involved in World War I exceeds Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq combined.”

World War I took the lives of more than nine million soldiers, 21 million more were wounded, and over 115,000 Americans lost their lives. “Twenty one bells is kind of like the 21 gun salute. It’s a rendering of honors. This was commemorating not only the lives lost in America, but also around the world during the Great War or the ‘war to end all wars’ as they say.”

Petty Officer Second Class Tabitha Wright says even 100 years later, the sacrifice made by those fighting still hits home today. “With the numbers that were given, it’s a great loss for Americans. Seeing your brothers and sisters fall, it’s a really hard time and you have to take the lessons and go ahead and put it to the future.”

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