Armed Forces Retirement Home response to rate increase

There has been a lot of buzz around the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Gulfport since the announcement of fees being raised in April of this year which has caused over 100 residents to move.

Today, officials at the AFRH explained their reasoning behind the rate increase. Administration says after looking at the numbers, they realized the price for care wasn’t matched with the current rate. The rate increase will happen gradually over three years and they say no one will be kicked out due to inability to pay.

They have multiple new plans in place such as an 80 acre village with hotels, retail, and low income housing located at the DC branch.

Even with this increase some residents feel the home is the best deal available to them. AFRH resident Kelsey Farrell said, “I can’t see why people think that it is so much less to live on the outside. If you live on the outside you’re paying mortgage payments or water.”

AFRH resident Kenneth Henry said, “I live here by choice. I can’t afford not to live here and the way the fees are structured, I will never have to leave here. It’s a life care facility and that’s why I moved in here. As far as the rate increase, you get a rate increase no matter where you go.”

In the future, AFRH is trying to attract a younger retirement crowd and their spouses. Currently, the average age is 83 and mostly male.


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