Are Lovebugs Bugging you?

It’s that time of the year again where love is in the air, well lovebugs anyway.
Many people are hoping lovebug season flies by. These insects are known for smashing into car hoods and windshields, which is sometimes hard to get off and can end up chipping the paint.
Michael Reilly is the manager at Galaxy Express Carwash in Gulfport. He tells News 25 he sees cars covered in lovebugs come through daily. Spraying pam or mosquito repellent on your hood or washing your car with a citrus-smelling soap are ways you can protect your car’s paint. “That’s all we get. I mean, they’ll be plastered on every car that comes through here. I mean, you’re going to go ten minutes down the road and you’re going to get more bugs. It’s best to keep them off as much as possible, you leave them on there and it will put divots in the paint and chip it up pretty bad so it will go through your clear coat,” said Reilly.
Keeping a spray bottle handy with orange or lemon smelling soap water is also a good trick for getting rid of lovebugs.
Lovebugs are attracted to bright colors so it may be best to wear dark clothes if these insects bug you.

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