App on the Way for Shrimp Signs

You’ve seen the shrimp signs at each intersection along Highway 90, now there’s an app in the works to go with them.
Just over a year ago, Visit Mississippi Gulf Coast placed the signs at intersections across all 26 miles of our coastline so that locals and visitors could easily find food and entertainment nearby. For now, you’ll have to check an online guide or a pamphlet to see what’s happening around the corresponding shrimp numbers. Visit Mississippi Gulf Coast says an interactive app is on the way.
Visit Mississippi Gulf Coast Executive Director Renee Areng said, “You could say ‘I’m sitting here at shrimp sign 36, where is there to eat?’ It could show you or push up a notification from one of those restaurants that says ‘come in now and get half price off of oysters.’ Or it could be the other way, you could say ‘looking for great oysters along the Coast,’ it would tell you which shrimp signs to follow for that. That’s in the process, hopefully that will be here sooner than later.”
Visit Mississippi Gulf Coast is still in the process of researching. Group leaders say they’re excited for the opportunity to get visitors and locals to engage across all three of our coastal counties.

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