Antennas Allow Quick Body Camera Viewing for Biloxi PD

The Biloxi Police Department vehicles have a new set of fins, but they’re not taking these cars for a swim in the Gulf.
What appears to look like fins are actually antennas that allow body camera video to be uploaded to a Cloud right after it’s taken. They also help save time by turning the cameras on automatically when officers exit their vehicle on call.
This new technology lets supervisors back at the station view the footage in nearly real time which can be helpful in critical situations. Major Jim Adamo said, “I think having the ability for us to go up and look at that footage near real time is if we have something really critical going on at the moment that it helps us stay in touch with what’s going on and it helps us evaluate situations quicker and it’s just, once again, it comes down to an important officer safety issue.”
The Biloxi Police Department is one of several police departments along the Coast using this technology.

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