Another beach closed in Harrison County

The ten beaches that are closed in Hancock and Harrison County will remain that way until further notice. This is all due to the blue-green harmful algal bloom that has popped up on the Coast.

It’s been called a disaster by those who work on or near the water and some say they haven’t seen anything like it since the BP Oil Spill.  Marine Fisheries Deputy Director Rick Burris said, “We’ve seen algal blooms before, yes, we saw them back in 2011 whenever the spillway was open, but we have never detected this particular species, no.”

On Wednesday, Gulfport West Beach was closed due to the freshwater harmful algal bloom. This is now the tenth beach that’s closed here on the Coast. “The current bloom that we’re seeing is capable of producing toxins.”

The DMR says that they have not detected any of this algae on the Barrier Islands yet. Officials say this algae is caused by the freshwater from the Bonnet Carre Spillway reopening. “The bloom is mainly contained in the western Mississippi Sound near the shore due to the south, southeast, southwest wind and the waves we have are actually pushing that up on shore. There shouldn’t be, at least we haven’t detected any out on the islands as of yet, but we assume that the wave action on the south side and the actual freshwater being in the sound should contain it in those areas.”

On Wednesday, the Bonnet Carre Spillway Facebook page posted a message saying the spillway structure will begin to close at a state of 15.5 feet at the Carrollton Gage. They believe this will happen around the second or third week in July.

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