Annual Peter Anderson Festival took over Downtown Ocean Springs this weekend

The Peter Anderson Festival did not disappoint this year. Gulf Coast artists were able to show their arts and crafts in a COVID safe atmosphere.

This year’s Peter Anderson Festival comes as relief for many local artists as hundreds flocked to Downtown Ocean Springs for the largest showcase of art, crafts, and food in Mississippi.

Due to coronavirus, this year the booths are spaced further apart so that everyone can enjoy themselves and feel safe while at the festival. The owners of Downtown Cart Rentals  understand how important this event is for artists and thank everyone who cleaned up after Hurricane Zeta and made it COVID safe. “I was really happy to see that everybody cleaned up very quickly in order to have this festival this weekend.” “The chamber did a great job distancing all the tents and minimizing the size of the festival.”

Gulf Coast business owners say they are excited to be here at the Peter Anderson Festival. With the tough year we’ve had for small business in 2020, this event gives them a chance to redeem themselves.

Raku Artist Bruce Odell has been coming to the festival for over 30 years. He says this is one of his favorite festivals and he doesn’t feel anyone is put in harm’s way. “They’re all spaced out and we’re out in the open air and the winds blowing. I don’t really think there’s any significant danger. I’m here year after year, it’s one of my favorite festivals.”

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