Annual Opening of School Catholic Mass at Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary Cathedral

Today, the faculty and staffs of Catholic schools within the Biloxi Diocese entered the Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary Cathedral in Biloxi with open hearts and eager spirits as the school year approaches.

The annual Opening of School Mass was celebrated by Bishop Louis Kihneman at the Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary Cathedral. This is a time for all of the schools in the Diocese of Biloxi to come together and begin their school year with a celebration of the Eucharist. Resurrection Catholic Principal Kristal Sisson said, “We have the support of our bishop and we have the support of all of the workers at the Diocese of Biloxi that every day put in so much time and effort to make our school year a success. It’s great to see all the faculties and administrators from all the schools all here with the same mission to begin our hearts and our minds in the right places as we form intentional disciples of Jesus Christ.”

Scripture was read and hearts were filled by praises being sung in a full cathedral. Prayers were being lifted for the presence and guidance of the Holy Spirit as the school year approaches.

Principals of each school present were introduced and received blessings before they lead their school to a successful year.

As a new school year begins, new experiences are in store for many. Joseph Rivera is starting his first year of teaching at St. Patrick High School where he will be a religion instructor. “Beginning with mass for the new school year is crucial, right. The eucharist, the center of our lives, Jesus entering into the lives of these students, he first enters into us, so we can give from what we’ve been given, so looking forward to this year and forming intentional disciples.”

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