Annual Defense Bill is over $600 Billion

Hundreds of billions of dollars could be headed to help our military. Senator Roger Wicker is leading the charge.
This year’s National Defense Authorization Act is slowly but surely making its way through the Senate. The bill would allocate just over $600 billion to be spent by the United States Department of Defense.
Money from this bill will be used to promote innovation, improve the military health system and also reduce wasteful spending, just to name a few.
Senator Wicker believes it would provide American troops with the tools, equipment and resources they need to defend our country. “We’re asking a lot out of our troops. 1.3 million active duty troops, the fewest we’ve had in quite a while and we’re asking them to do more with less. So, I’m glad to know and glad to report that there’s bipartisan support in the committee.”
Senator Wicker hopes the bill will be sent to the House of Representatives by the end of next week.

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