Annual Crosswalk: Carrying the Cross

A group of men walked out their faith Friday along a busy corridor in Hattiesburg, an annual Easter weekend tradition that also took place here in South Mississippi more than 35 years ago when Dr. Dean Register served as a pastor in Gulfport.

“Originally, I carried the cross by myself. It was a great witness. It was a conviction that I had to let people know that Easter is about more than bunnies and eggs. It’s about what Jesus did on the cross for us, and that’s the good news.”

The Crosswalk yearly on Good Friday, growing stronger still today as dozens of men share the burden of carrying the Cross to drive home a simple, but important message: the crux of the Christian faith.  Crosspoint Community Church Member Todd Jackson said, “This has nothing to do with us individually. Luke 9:23 says something to the effect that we must each deny ourselves and pick up and carry our cross daily. This is really a public testimony of what Jesus Christ has done in our lives individually. Hopefully, this helps people remember what Good Friday and Easter is all about.”

Among the Cross bearers along Highway 98 in Hattiesburg was Luke Sippel whose skills as an architecture are on display nationally on HGTV’s hit TV show ‘Home Town.”  “We love to create beautiful homes and beautiful moments, but there’s nothing like being at home with Jesus in our hearts. We hope people will see a group of men carrying a cross down Highway 98 and ask – what’s the deal with that? Why would a group of men do that on a chilly morning like today? What we want is for people to see Jesus and remember what He did for us on the cross.”

A journey that began more than 40 years ago with a simple idea, that has since crossed state lines, but the objective has remained the same – to spread the Good News of the Gospel globally. Dr. Register said, “It started in 1978 in Brunswick, Georgia. I was a young guy then. I didn’t do it for publicity, I did it as a witness for Jesus.”

Six miles, a long, trying path to travel, but one that, like the great story of old, ends in hope and resurrection on Easter Sunday. “We just want to remind people about what Easter is truly about. It’s the sacrifice that Jesus made for us, and there’s incredible hope in that. We have victory over our sin because of what Jesus did on the cross.”

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