Annual Blessing of the Pets Held at St. Alphonsus

A fall tradition continued Friday in Jackson County. One hundred people, along with their pets, were at St. Alphonsus Elementary School and Church in Ocean Springs for the Blessing of the Pets.

The annual tradition has been going on longer than the principal says she can even remember. It’s in honor of the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, which takes place October 3rd.

Pam Rogers, the Principal of St. Alphonsus School, says, “Because we love our pets. We love our dogs, our cats, our fish, our rats, whatever, even our little stuffed animals that sleep with us at night. We bring them out to be blessed. Also, the fact that it’s a family event, the families come out. Moms and dads actually take off of work to come out here and be with their children and their pets, so it makes for a very fun evening.”

Reverend Mike Snyder, Pastor at St. Alphonsus Church, says, “They’re part of the family, if you will, and they help in the family by protecting and by helping the kids know that God’s love in unconditional.”

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