Anniversary of Louisiana floods

One year ago this week, the Gulf Coast came together despite disaster, as heavy flooding devastated Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas, putting Southern Louisiana in a state of emergency.
With 146,000 homes affected by the flood water, the City of Gulfport came to the aid of Baton Rouge in full force. While city officials were collecting supplies here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Gulfport Fire Department dispatched a team trained in swift water recovery to assist with rescue efforts.
The city followed up, delivering truckloads of supplies to our neighboring state to bolster the recovery efforts. Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes said, “Sometimes when you have that level of devastation happen to you, you’re just kinda in shock and not sure where to start, so having folks there on hand made a big difference. We haven’t been back there lately, but talking to some folks, we have relatives over there and talking to the folks, they’re in a lot better shape today than they were a year ago. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year, but they continue to be grateful for the help that they got from the Mississippi Gulf Coast.”
The floods of 2016 resulted in dozens of damaged schools, flooded prison facilities, and the deaths of 13 Louisiana residents.

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